Mitt Romney Reacts To The Marquez-Pacquiao Fight, Other Rich Athletes

  • Joe Levine

Mitt Romney was at the Marquez-Pacquiao fight and he apparently had primo seats, good enough for this awesome reaction shot to Marquez’s knockout punch.

Considering Pacquiao made over $20+ million while losing last night’s fight, and Romney spent $752 million to lose the election, maybe he was reacting to Manny’s money-making ability even in defeat? Here now are some other Romney reactions to other athletes making bank for no good reason.

Gilbert Arenas, Not Currently In NBA – 2012 Salary: $20.8 Million

Vernon Wells, Los Angeles Angels – 2012 Salary: $24.2 Million

Philip Rivers, San Diego Chargers – 2012 Salary: $15.3 Million

Rashard Lewis, Miami Heat – 2012 Salary: $15 Million

Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles – 2012 Salary: $13.9 Million

Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees – 2012 Salary: $30 Million