MLS Player Headbutts Opposing Player, Promptly Ejected

  • Evan Sporer

During an MLS match on Saturday, the action turned ugly between the Philadelphia Union and Montreal Impact. The incident began when Union forward Antoine Hoppenot took down Nelson Rivas of the Impact. Having only seen this play, I have no idea if there were any other hard fouls during the game, or if something had been brewing the first 67 minutes of the match.

The ref quickly called the foul on Hoppenot, but Rivas thought he was deserving of a little more discipline. So he popped up, walked over to Hoppenot, and headbutted him straight in the dome. A Union player quickly came over and shoved Rivas down. Both Rivas and Jack McInerney (who came to Hoppenot’s aid) were given red cards.

Via ESPN Radio