MMA Fight Last 14 seconds, Ends In Double Knockout, Literal Definition Of A “Fair Fight”

  • Jake O'Donnell

Ties suck in just about every sport, except in MMA, where they’re kind of awesome. And I say MMA tentatively, because Aaron Britt and Brandon Alexander’s fight out in California looked more like something Steve-O and Chris Pontius would do on MTV in 1999. If, by chance, you are curious what the official outcome of this match was, you can cut ahead to the 4:30 mark, where you can try your hand at deciphering the garbled ruling. I’m not sure, but the Michael Buffer/Guy Fieri hybrid announcer guy seems to say, “Double knockdown…rematch in June!” around the 4:30 mark of the video. I believe it was renowned motivational life guru Tony Robbins who once said, if you punch your opponent in the face at the exact same moment he punches you in the face, try, try again.

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