What Does It Look Like When Two MMA Fighters Knock Each Other Out With Headbutts? This

  • Glenn Davis

Headbutting isn’t legal in MMA fights. Why? Well, judging by this comment thread about that very subject, it depends who you ask. Some saw it as pure politicking, that the bigwigs who regulate MMA would see it as too savage, and therefore be less inclined to take the sport seriously. Others view it as more of a practical, fan-based matter: the move could lead to more fight-interrupting cuts, and paying customers would find the sport less interesting. One thing you won’t see mentioned in that thread: the possibility that fighters might headbutt each other, and end the match in a draw by simultaneously knocking each other out:

So judging by that .pl web address displayed in the video above, are we to believe this match took place in Poland? Because, uh, that wouldn’t lend itself to any stereotypes or anything.