MMA Ref Lets Poor Guy Get Choked Out For 10 Seconds After He’s Clearly Passed Out

  • Jake O'Donnell

Dear God, that’s how somebody dies. What was this ref waiting to happen first? The dude doing the choking to let go, or the choked out guy to shout out “I’m unconscious please save my life.” By my estimations, this guy goes completely limp at the 0:42 mark, and the dumbass referee doesn’t break it up until 0:52. But first, of course, he taps him on the shoulder, just to check if he’s just trying the old asphyxiation rope-a-dope strategy. Because seriously, nothing sucks more than a ref blowing your cover when you’ve got em right where you want him: with his arms locked around your neck for a good 30 seconds.

H/T Terez Owens