MMA Superstar Johnny Hendricks Suffered 2nd Degree Burns While Filming Of A UFC Promo

  • Jake O'Donnell

If you’ve ever been on a film set (ahem, we have for our SportsGrid Original Series “Gurus”) you’d know to steer clear of the bright lights. Literally. They’re really hot. How hot? Hot enough to do this to the back of UFC’s #1 ranked welterweight fighter.

The burns occurred while shooting an ironically dimly lit promo for UFC 167 (where Hendricks is slated to fight Georges St-Pierre for the belt on November 16th). Apparently he was cool with it (pun not intended), as he footed the bill for treatment and only complained about how the burns would impact his training regime. And in case you’re curious what this was all for, here’s the commercial that scorched the fighter’s back.

H/T SB Nation