How To Become The Coolest Kids In Your School: Do This

  • Glenn Davis

Welcome back to “How To Be The Coolest Kid In Your School,” SportsGrid’s infrequently-recurring chronicle of insane plays by high school athletes. Note: for those of you actually in high school, this is not in reality a good guide for coolness, as most of these posts showcase plays that probably couldn’t be replicated if the kids involved tried them 50 more times. Another note: if you are no longer in high school, do not try to crash high school sporting events in an attempt to replicate these plays and reclaim former glory. You will be arrested.

Those warnings out of the way, though, today’s edition of HTBTCKIYS showcases not one, but three terrific plays by a Montana high school basketball team that is apparently addicted to buzzer beaters. The video’s been around a few days now, but just came to our attention today. One buzzer-beater is fun. Three? Especially when the final one is by far the nuttiest? Well, it’s almost too good to be true:

Enjoy your coolness, Glacier High. We just wouldn’t rely on that as a strategy every game.

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