Mormon Missionaries Balling Out? Mormon Missionaries Balling Out. [VIDEO]

  • Zach Berger

Once upon a time, in a galaxy not all that far away, there existed a duo of religious men that travelled from hood basketball court to hood basketball court, schooling anyone and everyone that stood in their way. They were known simply as the Mormon Missionaries. Always donning their traditional attire of a white button-down and tie, the Mormon Missionaries had never been caught on film. Until now.

Check out these two inconspicuous, unassuming white guys taking a couple of black guys to school and throwing down dunks like it’s nobody’s business:

That. Just. Happened.

Did you notice that the guy in the blue shorts has decided that every time a white guy dunks he’s going to take a lap around the court?

Also, I can not confirm or deny that following the pick-up game, the missionaries lectured their opponents on why they need to accept Jesus Christ as their savior by joining the LDS Church.