MORNING ROUNDUP RUNDOWN: Brazilian Babe Slip N' Slide Soccer, Ref Gets Left Hanging, Kimmel's World Cup Intros, And 2 Annoying Commercials

  • Jake O'Donnell

Leading up to the World Cup, this was the most important soccer tournament in Brazil. Degrading, sure — but it looks, um, fun. We take it this was from their version of The Today Show, maybe something like Good Morning Rio De Janeiro or whatever.

Before the start of Wednesday’s Chile-Spain thriller (of which you can watch the highlights, here) a FIFA Official made rounds in the hallowed tunnels of the Maracanã, politicking and shaking hands. Head ref Joe Fletcher, however, was not in his dap-plans, as he was left hanging right in front of the TV cameras.

Smooth recovery, Joe.

You know those awkward arm folding player intros at the beginning of each World Cup match? Ya, so did Jimmy Kimmel, who basically called it gay-looking. What would you rather they did, Jimmy? Recite the colleges they didn’t go to?

Lastly, if you’ve been watching the 2014 World Cup as much as we have, you’ve probably got either of these two songs stuck in your head. The first — using music from Disney’s Cinderella — is a Gatorade spot staring Lionel Messi. The second one is an Apple fitness commercial, ultimately in preparation for a revolutionary health monitoring wrist band they’ll unveil next year.

Both are perhaps the most annoying commericials on television right now, and they seem to run between every break. Please, make “Bibbity Boppity Boo” and “Go You Chicken Fat Go” stop playing in our heads. It’s becoming too much.