NBC Analyst Johnny Weir’s Outfits Are Doing All The (Political) Talking For Him

  • Eric Goldschein

weir lipinskiFigure skater Johnny Weir retired from the sport late last year, and is now a commentator for NBC in Sochi. Weir, who is openly gay, said before the games that he wouldn’t join any anti-Russian boycott or make statements pertaining to Russia’s terrifying anti-gay propaganda law.

In an interview with The New York Times in October, Weir said: “You don’t have to agree with the politics, but you have to respect the culture of a country you are visiting… I don’t need to break any laws or wear a rainbow pin to show people that I support gay rights.”

Weir’s stance has been an unpopular one in the gay community, which wants him to take a more active role in denouncing the law — but Weir is “a self-proclaimed Russophile” and is beloved there, despite the government’s official distaste for homosexuality.

In any case, he’s not wearing a rainbow pin, but there’s no doubt that Vladimir Putin would prefer a pin to what Weir has been rocking so far. He is, in a word borrowed from many a commentator, fabulous. He’s making co-analyst Tara Lipinski look plain by comparison.

He’s donned some incredible outfits during his time on air, but here’s a smattering of his outfits and accessories via his Instagram:

That last one… god damn. It’s not outrageous to suggest that Weir is running afoul of Russia’s vague propaganda law, which Russian officials confirmed would apply to tourists and athletes as well as citizens. If displaying a banner with part of the Olympic charter is enough to get you arrested, what do the authorities make of this?

Weir doesn’t have to make a political statement with his words. His outfits are loud enough, and we commend not only his style, but his courage. Plus, he’s a damn good analyst.