Need A Reminder That You’re Still Pitching In Single-A? Here You Go

  • Rick Chandler

“Hmm, they didn’t tell me it would be like this when I was at Vanderbilt.”

So Wilmington Blue Rocks pitcher Sam Selman had to time his warmup pitches around the fifth-inning entertainment, which happened to be monkeys riding dogs herding goats. You may have heard of this before: the show is called Cowboy Monkeys, which is put on by a group called Team Ghost Riders, and many Minor League Baseball teams just love it.

Field maintenance crews? Not so much.

The Blue Rocks feature the rodeo monkeys at least twice a season. Of course, this is the Carolina League team that has a mascot called Mr. Celery, so in comparison the goats aren’t so weird.

So much to see here:

• Monkeys apparently strapped to the backs of border collies. Is it humane? No one’s asking.

• Goats being herded around the outfield, into a pen, and, amazingly, onto the roof of a pickup truck.

• Players trying to warm up in the outfield while dodging livestock.

But the most entertaining part to me is at the end of the performance, when professional rodeo cowboy Tim “Wild Thang” Lepard presents a rather long monologue about the state of things in his home state of Mississippi (which somehow seems to include New Orleans):

“In 1962 a little boy was born, and his dream and his goal was to own a monkey.”

H/T Reddit.