Here’s A Truck-Sized Reminder To Never Take Your Sports Bar For Granted

  • Eric Goldschein

Yesterday began like any other day for patrons at Gordie’s Place, a bar in Little Canada, Minnesota. They were probably sitting around, watching some sort of game, shooting some sort of shit, just like they always do. Then, unexpectedly, the bar came crashing down around them.

This accident, in which a truck slammed through the entrance of the bar and sent six people to the hospital, needs to be seen to be believed:

Thankfully there were no casualties from this incident, but as pointed out in the clip, there very easily could have been. A few steps to the right, a few to the left, a few seconds earlier or later entering the bar, and we’re talking about something much more tragic than a busted up watering hole.

Life is incredibly random. But accidents like these shouldn’t keep you from patronizing your local food-and-beer-serving establishment. In fact, you should go there more often. Because hey — you never know which Minnesota Twins game will be your last.

Thanks, Little Canada, for reminding us not to take our sports bars — nay, our lives — for granted. Our resident Minnesotan, CJ Fogler, tells us that you were once best known for being the place where rebates are sent. Now you are a symbol of the delicate balance beam of life and death on which we step every day. Also, your sports bar got fucked up, bro.