New Hampshire Fishing Derby Will Make Winners Take Lie Detector Test

  • Rick Chandler

The Winni Derby will be held this weekend on New Hampshire’s Lake Winnipesaukee, as if you didn’t know, and there’s $50,000 in prizes for biggest salmon, biggest trout and, what, most congenial bluegill I guess. But because this is a landlocked lake, and they don’t want any of the contestants sneaking off to secret fishing holes to bring in illegal catches, the organizers are bringing out the big guns to make sure things are fair.

Yes, winners must pass a lie detector test.

“The test indicates subject did not catch any trout in this lake.”

“But I’m the Pepsi delivery guy. I was just stocking the machine.”

(Hauled off by deputies).

New Hampshire Union-Leader:

“Due to the rumors and information on some of the fishing blogs, there has been a raised awareness that the possibility of some of the past entries for landlocked salmon entered were not fished from Lake Winnipesaukee,” a statement on the the Winni Derby’s website reads.

The grand prize “will not be disbursed until successful completion of this test,” the statement says.

Who would cheat at a fishing derby? Plenty of people, as it turns out. Read here. And here. And the old lead weigh trick, here.

No word on how they plan to stop the fish from cheating.