Clearly Confident About His Re-Election Chances, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Admitted He’s A Cowboys Fan

  • Eric Goldschein

chris christie governor

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1. New Jersey’s governor is a Cowboys fan, of all things.

As long as his second favorite isn’t the Redskins, he should be fine. [LBS]

2. Thoughts on the greatest NBA Finals game in years.

You like thoughts? Here are 10 of ’em. [Grantland]

3. The best surfing trick of all time, or so they say.

John John Florence is the name, and being awesome is his game. [Oakley Pro Bali]

4. Kobe predicts where Dwight Howard, Chris Paul will end up.

Hint: Not the Bobcats. [ESPN]

Not sports related, still important.

Surviving Siberia’s prisons; the psychology behind workout music; Paula Deen fucked up; the most underrated colleges.

And finally, tonight…

This guy is crazy. Crazy awesome. (NSFW)