Newcastle Fans Riot After Derby Loss, Old Guy Punches A Horse In The Face

  • Jake O'Donnell

Sunderland and Newcastle are neighbors. So why all the horse punching when one of them beats the other in a game of soccer? Oh, ya, it’s a riot. That kind of stuff happens in Europe because of sports-things. After Newcastle’s crushing 3-0 home loss, in their version of the oft referenced “derby match”, fans went on a rampage outside the stadium and through there own city. Ya know, to make the point that, um, HORSE PUNCH!

What we don’t have footage of, are the “missiles” police claim were thrown at officers, injuring three, and sending one to the hospital. Luckily they got their hands on 27 of the little punks, including this man, who will be arraigned in horse court, and sentenced by a horse judge for horse crimes. He could face a prison sentence, including a stay in solitary equinement. No? Anyone? Fine, just watch this clip from Blazing Saddles where the late NFL great Alex Karras shows how it’s done.

Not enough animal cruetly? How about when Arnold gave it shot. Man, the 70’s were the hay day of punching horses (pun intended.)

H/T DirtyTackle