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NFL Week 1 Gambling Advice

NFL Week 1 Gambling Advice
  • SportsGrid Staff

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We’re till a week away from the start of the NFL season, but it doesn’t hurt to take an early look at some of the lines available for wagering. Below are some of our favorites:

1. Chiefs (+8) over Patriots

The Chiefs allowed the second-fewest points in the AFC last season (the Pats allowed the fewest), and they’ve likely spent a little more time than usual preparing for this Week 1 kickoff matchup against New England on the big national stage.

The Chiefs took several offensive hits, but their stout defense is what drove this team to an 11-6 record last year and it’s what’s going to drive them to continued success in 2017. Giving them eight points might even be underestimating a possible upset to kick off the season.

2. Chiefs/Pats under (48)

This will be a simple explanation: the Pats and Chiefs allowed the second-fewest points in the NFL last season. And with plenty of time to gameplan for each other, the defenses will likely shine in the opener. Under this logic, a 17-14 final seems far more likely than a 27-24 one.

3. Jets vs Bills over (41)

It just seems a little too obvious that the Bills and Jets will struggle offensively, or at least down to the point of a 41-point over/under.

Rick Dennison, the Bills’ new offensive coordinator, has finished 10th or better in total points four times in his career as an OC, with the Texans and Broncos. He has several fun offensive toys in LeSean McCoy, Jordan Matthews, Tyrod Taylor, and Zay Jones.

The Jets are easy to laugh at offensively, but the situation isn’t entirely grim. Josh McCown (if he’s healthy) is adept, Bilal Powell and Matt Forte can do damage as a 1-2 punch, and while Robby Anderson, ArDarius Stewart, and Chad Hansen aren’t household names, they are very talented pass-catchers who could bring a bundle of useful energy to the corps.

The Bills are going to be in some kind of playoff hunt and the jets have nothing to lose, so while it might be an unexciting game overall, this game could see both teams in the 20s.

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