This Terrific Goal By A One-Legged High School Soccer Star Will Power You Through Your Morning

  • Glenn Davis

You’ve met Gabriel Muniz, the 11-year-old soccer player with no feet, and now, let us introduce you to another soccer star with a disability that would seem to preclude one from playing soccer but has clearly not: high schooler Nico Calabria from Massachusetts. Calabria plays for the varsity team at Concord-Carlisle High School. He also has one leg. And lest you think he’s on the team as a charity case, here he is in action earlier this week in the middle of a 9-0 Concord-Carlisle blowout win:

I have two legs. Pretty sure I couldn’t do that. Oh, and Calabria also plays for the U.S. national amputee soccer team, and also wrestles for Concord-Carlisle. Here’s hoping he adds a few more goals for the highlight reel before the season’s up, continuing to make the rest of us feel pitifully unaccomplished all the while.

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