Today In “Waiting For Football To Start”: Camel Fighting

  • Joe Levine

Thanks to some cool scheduling by the NFL, there was no football on television Saturday and there is no football today until 3PM. So there is nothing going on this afternoon. To to help tie you (and me) over until San Francisco and Atlanta play, here is some camel fighting.

Sadly, there are no details available about the specific match in this upcoming video, but this article from AOL News explains that this “sport” is very popular in parts of the Middle East and South Asia:

Sounds gruesome, and judging by the amount of camel spit said to fly through the air, it certainly is, but the clash of split-hoofed beasts is part of a 2,400-year-old tradition in parts of the Middle East and South Asia.

Raucous spectators gather to watch male camels in the 10-minute showdown, slamming necks and butting heads until one animal forces his opponent to the ground or flees. Each camel’s mouth is secured in a tight halter to prevent biting.

There’s only one time of year when a camel’s emotions are running rampant enough for match organizers to entice the beasts into battle. That, of course, would be mating season.


Well, without further ado, let’s watch some horny, starving camels fight for glory and the right to be eaten after the match.

Via @BrianPHickey