Breaking Bad: No One Has Ever Been Fooled By A Curve More Than This LLWS Batter

  • Rick Chandler

So either they aren’t allowed to throw curves in Panama, or Puerto Rican pitcher Braulio Flores has one of the best ones ever.

Yep, the Little League World Series is underway in Williamsport, PA (ESPN motto: children crying = $$), and Aguadulce, Panama, took on San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico, today in a first-round game. Flores’ delivery breaks inside for a ball, but it was bendy enough to send the hitter stumbling comically almost to third base.

Hey, it’s all good. Panama won, 9-4.

Previously, in the Western Regionals:


That’s a Chula Vista, CA player, and it’s OK, because his team won. They open in the LLWS on Friday vs. Michigan.