Not Every Sign At Wrestlemania 29 Was About The Rock

  • Rick Chandler

We take you now to Wrestlemania 29 at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, where this woman wanted everyone to know the exact section and seats in which her “cheatin’ husband” and the “homewrecker” were seated. Yep, apparently all three were at the event, because the family that watches pro wrestling together, um … how does the rest of that go?

We’ve all seen these types of signs before: usually they’re on the front lawns of suburban homes, nestled among a pile of belongs and including the words “Free Stuff”. But that’s the kind of thing that occurs in the heat of the moment, like dumping paint on a man’s new truck, or changing the locks on all the doors (not that I would know about that).

This sign is special because it took planning. It was calculated, cunning, and as we know, the best revenge is always served cold. Just like the beer at Metlife. I like this woman, because she’s keeping it real. And nothing was misspelled.

Thanks to New Jersey 101.5 and Townsquare Media.