Not The Best Way To Play Defense: Kicking The Ball Into Your Own Goal

  • Eric Goldschein

As of this writing, it’s 3-0 Bayern Munich over Barcelona, which means the Champions League semifinal is now 7-0 on aggregate. While it was already a long shot for Barca to come back today, kicking the ball into your own net — already down one goal on the day — certainly didn’t help.

As Bayern’s Frank Ribery sliced through the defense and went for the cross in front of the net, Barca defender Gerard Pique jumped in front of the pass. Needless to say, he probably wasn’t looking for this result:

Again, it really made no difference either way. But in this stunning collapse over two games, this is just one more ugly, confusing nail in Barca’s Champions League coffin.

[UPDATE: Yep, 3-0 final. Glad that’s over with.]

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