Now Your Home Can Smell Like Secretariat With The New Kentucky Derby-Scented Candle

  • Rick Chandler

If you’re like me, you love the horse races, but get very depressed when you have to leave and can’t take home the sweet aroma of the paddock area. Well now you’re in luck, because a Kentucky promotion company is rolling out three new scented candles on Friday: one of which is a based on the Kentucky Derby. The candle, “Derby Actual”, actually smells like mint julep, says Kentucky For Kentucky. But the horseshoes there in the promotional photo really say something else.

From Kentucky For Kentucky:

As any Kentuckian knows, the actual Derby only happens in May. But now the sweet celebratory scent of mint juleps can fill your home all year round – without your friends whispering about your indulgences. Crafted with all natural ingredients, these soy wax candles emit a subtle vanilla-bourbon and mint aroma that will warm you the way only a Kentucky mint julep could. Cheers!

The other two scents are actually more interesting, and only one of them will make you feel less like getting hammered in the middle of the afternoon. Introducing: fried chicken and Ale 8.

And who doesn’t want to light up a room with the nostalgic scents of Ale 8, Fried Chicken and Kentucky Derby debauchery? This creative collaboration sparked some heavenly aromas that will easily sweep you away to an Old Kentucky home away from home. We feel blessed, y’all.

But you’d better be quick: Only 25 candles of each scent will be available. Candles go on sale Friday at 10:30 a.m. on their site.

Yes, I want a candle that smells like this!

(Yes, I know this is the Preakness).

Top photo: Kentucky For Kentucky.