NYC Burroughs As Premier League Teams, Because NBC Soccer Hype Is At Defcon 5

  • Rick Chandler

Thought you lived in Midtown Manhattan? Sorry, it’s now Manchester City, if NBC has anything to say about it. This graphic — found all over New York City, including on the subway — is the latest salvo in their Premier League advertising blitz. They want you to watch soccer — sorry, football — in the worst way. Which is probably just how you’ll watch it (“I’m bored — let’s order pizza”).

Some thought actually went into this map: notice where Manchester United is? Larger version here, and below.

NBC Sports Group paid approximately $250 million for the rights to show the Premier League in the U.S. through 2016, which is about the fifth-highest payout by any country. Premier League play begins Aug. 17, so an all-out PR assault is not unexpected, and they’ve been at it since May.

New York City is Ground Zero, which is why you’re seeing things like this:

and this …

And Sweet Mother McCree, this …

And by now you’ve probably seen the “An American Coach In London” video, starring Jason Sudeikis doing Will Ferrell (my opinion).

As for the burrough map, it’s probably enough to drive a loyal Tea Party patriot to hurl himself into the Hudson. Didn’t we fight a war with cannons and wooden teeth to prevent this from happening?