Obama: “If Russia Does Not Have Gay Or Lesbian Athletes, It’ll Probably Make Their Team Weaker”

  • Jake O'Donnell

A lot has been made of the President’s stance on LGBT issues vis-a-vis Russia’s increasingly prohibitive stance on gays, leading up to the Winter Olympics. In case you’re not up to speed, Putin n’ his crew recently passed a law banning any allusion to non-traditional relationship near children. They’re calling it a moratorium on “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations to minors”, but given the country’s history of authoritarianism and it’s openly homophobic attitude, it seems that this is one of those intentionally open-ended laws, that can/will be used to intimdate gays and lesbians and transgender folks for just being themselves.

Or get someone reelected…

Via CNN: Almost three-quarters of Russians said homosexuality should not be accepted by society, while just 16% said it should be accepted, a recent Pew Research Center survey of global attitudes revealed.

By comparison, 33% of people surveyed in the United States said homosexuality should not be accepted by society, while 60% said it should. In Britain, only 18% did not favor accepting homosexuality, with 76% saying it should be accepted.

With the Winter Olympics in Sochi coming up this February, the word “boycott” has begun floating out of more tolerant nations as a protest to Russia’s stance on the matter. Obama made it very clear that he does not support a boycott, preferring to prove it on the field — that inclusion of all people is better than the alternative.