Objects In Mirror Are Larger Than They Appear: Meet Jacksonville Breeze RB Angie Williams

  • Rick Chandler

The Lingerie Football League is now calling itself the Legends Football League, as you pretend you don’t know because your wife is in the room. The league has also altered its uniforms to emphasize the game rather than the T&A (mission not accomplished). Another alteration? Plenty of plus-sized players.

The Jacksonville Breeze have a rookie running back, Angie “The Giant” Williams, who is listed as … well, they don’t list height and weight on LFL rosters — that would be sexist, after all. But it appears she could plow ahead of me at the salad bar without much problem. If indeed she ever frequented a salad bar. In the video below you can watch her flatten a couple of members of the Atlanta Steam on a 10-yard touchdown run in their opener on March 30 … and it should be noted that Atlanta has some big girls itself. The LFL — no longer a finesse league?

Jacksonville won, 48-0, so I guess no one had much luck tackling Angie.

The Breeze does not play again until May … yes, a two-month layoff. For the record, that’s going to be a problem in the future if you want to be taken seriously, LFL.

But the league is expanding, so it must be doing something right. The LFL USA season is now underway, with LFL Canada (Aug. 2013) and LFL Australia (Winter 2013) still on tap. LFL Canada’s season just concluded.