Oddsmakers Are Taking Slightly Messed Up Bets On Andy Murray’s Mom

  • Alexandra Kuczynski-Brown

It would appear that British oddsmakers have a very twisted sense of humor.

There’s laying odds on who will design Kate Middleton’s wedding dress … and then there’s this:

Bookies are offering 10-1 on [opponent Feliciano] Lopez blowing [Andy] Murray’s mother Judy a kiss during their match after she nicknamed the heart-throb Spaniard “Deliciano” on her Twitter site during the tournament.

The fact that Andy Murray‘s mum has the hots for Feliciano Lopez is already well-documented. What’s not so well-established, however, is the reaction we can expect from Murray in the event the unthinkable (the guy he’s playing in Wimbledon actually blows his mom a kiss) is to happen.

It’s no secret that back in the day, Murray had a reputation for having a bit of a temper. But then, as it were, he received outside help from an unlikely source and voilà — a less fiery, more demure Andy Murray is back in the quarterfinals of Wimbledon for the fourth consecutive year.

But come Wednesday’s match, all bets are off. Either Murray is going to have to rely on a lot more flashy Tweener shots to upstage Lopez, or all hell is going to break loose (well, as much hell as can break loose at Wimbledon, the most traditional of sporting events).

And speaking of the Duchess of Cambridge and hubby Prince William, after meeting the royal couple following his match on Monday, Murray told reporters “If I’d known they were coming, I would have shaved” — leading oddsmakers to put the Scotsman at 4-1 to play clean-shaven in the quarters against Lopez, and 14-1 to win the title sans scruff on Sunday.