Off The Grid For Feb. 6, 2014: Sleazy Bets, Eli Calls Peyton And The Halftime Show That Wasn’t

  • SportsGrid Staff

This week on Off The Grid, we delve deeper into Matt’s piece on RJ Bell and the media outlets that love him, listen in on some increasingly sad voicemails that Eli Manning* left for his big brother, and discuss the “show” the Red Hot Chili Peppers put on during the Super Bowl halftime.

Your cast this week: Eric GoldscheinMatt RudnitskyJake O’Donnell.

Table of Contents

1) Matt’s piece on Pregame and “selling picks” — 1:40

2) Eli’s voicemails — 16:00

3) The unplugged halftime show — 25:35

*We shouldn’t have to explain this, but it’s not really Eli Manning.