Off The Grid For March 20, 2014: Spring Is Here, And So Is March Madness And Phil Jackson

  • Eric Goldschein

On this episode of Off The Grid, we talk about March Madness from both an excited and ambivalent perspective (otherwise known as you and all the people in your office who hate sports but make a bracket for the pool anyway and somehow end up beating you), discuss the arrival of Phil Jackson in New York and give an unsponsored plug for “Broad City” (shout out Abbi Jacobson).

Your cast this week: Eric Goldschein and Jake O’Donnell.

Table of Contents

1) March Madness — are you mad about it? — 2:50

2) Celebrity brackets — 9:30

3) Delving into analytics — 12:00

4) Remember when you played basketball? — 18:45

5) Phil Jackson’s effect on the Knicks — 24:30

6) Hi “Broad City” — 32:40

Remember: NSFW for mature and immature content.