Off The Grid For Jan. 16, 2014: The NFL Playoffs, Arian Foster’s Baby Mama And Winter Olympic Sex

  • SportsGrid Staff

This week on Off The Grid, we get stood up, we talk about how to figure out who to root for in the NFC and AFC Championship games, we sift our way delicately through the Arian Foster scandal and get a report from the field on what it’s like to have sex in the Winter Olympics village.

Your cast this week: Eric GoldscheinMatt RudnitskyJake O’Donnell.

Table of Contents:

1) Who to root for? — 1:35

2) NYC Super Bowl plans — 8:20

3) The Arian Foster scandal — 11:50

4) “Junior” — 18:00

5) “Apolo Ohno” talks Winter Olympics sex — 21:45

Remember: NSFW for mature and immature content