Off The Grid: The SportsGrid NSFW Podcast For Nov. 14, 2013

  • SportsGrid Staff

We’ve been rebranded s’more! In this episode of Off The Grid, we discuss (and whether white people really are discriminated against in sports); we welcome Kevin Lincoln of Fox Sports Live to talk about writing for the show, his relationship with the funniest Canadian sports anchors we know and Jabari Parker; and Jake tells his closest story approximation to what Dwayne Bowe went through.

Your cast this week: Eric GoldscheinMatt RudnitskyJake O’Donnell. Our guest is Kevin Lincoln.

Table of Contents:

1) and white fright — 0:35

2) Chatting with Kevin — 10:05

3) Dwayne Bowe/Jake’s brush with the law — 31:45

Remember: NSFW for mature and immature content

Music courtesy of @PetePineBeats