Off The Grid: The SportsGrid NSFW Podcast For Nov. 21, 2013

  • SportsGrid Staff

In this episode of Off The Grid, we debate the merits of taking home sweaty, game-worn memorabilia; we welcome former SportsGrid editor Dan Fogarty (now of USA Today) “back” to the show to talk about his new life, his Top 5 Rules for winning your fantasy football league and which New York sport team he can stomach best this fall; and we gauge our abilities to date murders (it’s George Zimmerman-inspired discussion, just so you know).

Your cast this week: Eric GoldscheinMatt RudnitskyJake O’Donnell. Our guest is Dan Fogarty.

Table of Contents:

1) Want to buy Jordan’s flu game sneakers, or anything remotely like that? — 0:35

2) Chatting with Dan — 6:40

-What’s new? — 7:30

-Top 5 Rules: Being a fantasy champion — 10:00

-Which NY sports team is harder to watch? — 18:00

3) Would you date a killer? — 28:30

Remember: NSFW for mature and immature content

Music courtesy of @PetePineBeats