Old And Busted: Post-Game Fireworks Shows. New Hotness: Mid-Game Fireworks Shows

  • Rick Chandler

There are many theories as to why the Rockland Boulders’ post-game fireworks show went off prematurely on Thursday night (middle of the ninth inning): my favorite is that the control van was hit by lightning.

More likely is that someone wasn’t paying attention to the score. The home team was trailing in the Can-Am game, 9-3, following the top half of the ninth, when suddenly they cut the lights and started the fireworks. So the Boulders and visiting Wichita Wingnuts had to wait out the show before returning to the field for the bottom of the inning.

My condolences for those of you for which this story serves as a metaphor for your latest bedroom encounter.

That’s Wichita shortstop Ryan Khoury on the report, with some excellent photography by the Wingnuts.

Fireworks guy fail:

And you don’t want to know what goes on on the team bus when the lights go out …