“It Appears One Of His Balls Has Gone Down My Shirt” Is What We Hope Was Said Here At Some Point

  • Eric Goldschein

Mhm, yes, indeed, what a sight to behold! On the 13th hole at the Accenture Match Play Championship, Lee Westwood quite foolishly drove his tee shot into a group of spectators. And, by George, you wouldn’t believe where the ball in question ended up: down the shirt of an old woman! Golf, truly a beautiful game.

But yeah, that has to be a first. It didn’t even go down the front of her shirt, as you might imagine. It managed to sneak in from behind, lodging itself under her collar. She was a good sport about it, apologizing profusely even though it wasn’t her fault, and everyone else got quite a kick out of this novel concept.

Thankfully, Westwood got a drop, and didn’t have to ask the poor woman to lie face down in the grass while he tried to hit it back onto the green. Or pull it out of her shorts, a la Phil Mickelson.

[via Cosby Sweaters]