One Of The Selling Points Of Babe Ruth’s House Is Cigar Burns In The Carpet

  • Ricky Boebel

Before he was traded to the evil empire, Babe Ruth lived in this cozy house in Sunbury, Massachusetts. The farmhouse is named Home Plate Farms, which was an acceptable name in those times.

The price for the 2-acre property was just bumped down from $1.6 million to $1.325 million. Selling points for the property include cherry wood cabinets, Rumford fireplaces and cigar burns on the carpet. You know you’ve arrived when your vandalism increases an estate’s value. If only Ruth had known, he would have defaced the house even more.

The house isn’t selling because there’s no market for it? For Red Sox fans, the estate represents the worst trade in franchise history. For Yankees fans, the issue is they would have to move to Boston to live in it.

Here’s a look at the property inside and out: