When The Ball Gets Stuck In Your Glove, Just Throw The Entire Thing To The First Baseman

  • Dylan Murphy

In the video below, you’ll see a sport called “baseball.” You haven’t seen it for a few months because of its aversion to precipitation and the cold, but now it’s back. In baseball, players throw the ball towards first base to get the hitter-turned-runner out. Sometimes the baseball gets stuck in a player’s glove, and he’s left with no option other than to throw the ball-glove in its entirety.

That’s what happened here in college baseball, when Oregon faced off against Cal State Northridge. In the top of the 7th inning, Oregon pitcher Jeff Gold fielded a comebacker but couldn’t separate ball from glove. So he underhand tossed the two in tandem, except the ball and glove became detached in midair. 1st baseman Ryon Healy was unfazed and managed to catch the ball, and not the glove, to get the out.

Yeah, it’s weird that people are playing baseball again.