Alexander Ovechkin Thinks We’re Being Too Hard On Russia For The Whole ‘Not Being Ready For The Olympics’ Thing

  • Eric Goldschein

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The horror stories on Sochi’s still-yet-to-be-completed Olympic infrastructure are mostly coming from foreign journalists who arrived at their hotels only to find that their hotel didn’t have a lobby. Or that their room was having curtain issues. Or that their door had been kicked down so a cable box could be installed while they were out. You know, basic travel-headache stuff.

Of course, most of the important stuff — like the Olympic venues and stadiums — were finished. And it’s not like past Winter (or Summer) Olympics have been perfect. So Alex Ovechkin — Washington Capitals and Team Russia star — wants to know why we’re all complaining, and says that we should “settle down.”

Have you even met us, Alex? We don’t settle down. We get riled up. That’s America. Anyway, here’s the full quote, via the Washington Post, from when Ovechkin was asked about these reports on Thursday:

“I’ve been in three Olympic games. I remember Turin and Vancouver and nobody said something bad about Vancouver and Turin. Why you guys always try to find some bad things in Sochi?” Ovechkin said. “Sometimes it’s just funny to see how people try to find – they have lights in the toilets or they have bathroom on tour.

“It’s Olympics, guys, come on. Everybody have to be enjoy and don’t find bad stuff out there. Everything in Turin was where the construction was and nobody say [anything] about that. Of course world is changing, everybody is focusing on different stuff, political stuff but just settle down.”

First of all: man, don’t you love it when people with a firm grasp of the language try to speak said language? It’s adorable.

Also, Ovechkin is a little biased and obviously wants people to stop ragging on his home country. He’s right, in a sense, that we’re probably being tough on Russia because a) it’s easy and b) it’s fun and c) it’s kind of ironic and d) Russia. But at the same time, we don’t remember hearing stories about people not being able to put water on their faces in Vancouver, so maybe “finishing hotel plumbing” should have gone higher up on the list than “make dog hit list” and “put photos of Vladimir Putin in every room.”

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