Paraguay And Venezuela Had Quite The Brawl After Their Copa America Semifinal

  • Glenn Davis

Sorry, Diosa Canales fans: Venezuela won’t win Copa America. The model/kind-of celebrity said she’d take a page out of the Larissa Riquelme playbook and pose naked if her (long, long-shot) nation emerged victorious in the South American soccer tournament, and it came surprisingly close to happening: Venezuela reached the tournament semifinals. That Cinderella run, however, came to and end yesterday with a PK shootout loss to Paraguay.

It’s not all bad, though: for one thing, Riquelme’s from Paraguay, and apparently, she’s going to strip naked or something if her home country takes the title. That’s now just one match away from happening, but rather than a joyous celebration of their triumph, what broke out after the semifinal was a massive brawl between the Paraguay and Venezuela sides. It’s not exactly clear why this happened, but they were sure going at it. Via Dirty Tackle, here’s how it looked:

Brawls are pretty much pointless endeavors (except to give fans unexpected jolts of excitement and/or fear at what these people might do to each other), so the fact that the above happened with no known cause is perfect in its own way. Oh, also worth mentioning: Paraguay has reached the Copa America final without winning one match outright. That, though, doesn’t take away from the fact that they’ve done juuuuuuuuuuust enough to reach the final, and all that’s left to do is see if they can close the deal. The soccer world has to have at least one more Riquelme-centric news cycle in it, doesn’t it?