A Parapalegic Person Will Literally ‘Kick Off’ The 2014 Brazil World Cup With Help Of Brain-Controlled Exoskeleton

  • Jake O'Donnell

It’s no secret that technology has advanced to point where someone can control a device just by thinking about it. Now scientists at Duke University have set their sights on using thoughts, known as Electroencephalography or EEGs, to control a robotic suit, capable of moving a person’s limbs without any physical prompts whatsoever. Walking. Balancing. And now, kicking a soccer ball to begin the 2014 Brazil World Cup. Yes, this is real.

And no, you can’t buy one yet.

[The Walk Again Project] The first ceremonial kick of the World Cup game (Brazil 2014) may be made by a paralyzed teenager, who, flanked by the two contending soccer teams, will saunter onto the pitch clad in a robotic body suit.

The first scheduled match will take place in Sao Paolo, between Croatia and host country, Brazil, on June 6th. Tune in early to see the next step in human evolution. (Meanwhile, here’s a neatly constructed, award-winning film/explanation of the whole thing, courtesy of Haroun Saifi.)