Hey, Here’s Paulina Gretzky Doing Something Sports-Related! (Plus, Sexy Photos)

  • Eric Goldschein

I feel confident in saying that SportsGrid is the premier destination for breathless Paulina Gretzky updates. We love beautiful women and the athletes that spawn them. It’s kind of our thing.

So imagine our surprise when Paulina posts a video to her Instagram that isn’t of her at a secret Maxim photo shoot, but of her doing something… sports-y. Of course, the jury is out on whether golf is an actual sport or a game that rich people engage in to feel like they’re out in nature, but props to the future Mrs. Johnson for her form on this swing:

After Paulina got engaged, her Instagram account became less about sexy poses and more about, like, Dustin Johnson. Which is cool and all, but we had to move on to new sensations like Michelle Jenneke and Anastasia Ashley. It looks like we fell asleep at the wheel a bit: Paulina is back to posting heart-attack inducing photos that we’d like to share with you. See below:


All photos via Instagram