Here You Go: Paulina Gretzky, In A Bikini, At A ‘Secret’ Photo Shoot, With ‘Blurred Lines’ Playing

  • Eric Goldschein

paulina gretzkyWhen Paulina Gretzky announced that she and golfer Dustin Johnson had gotten engaged, we were all like, “Shit.” We were worried because Paulina Gretzky slideshows, even those that call out people for being creepy and vicious to her, make up roughly 183 percent of all Internet traffic, and would she still be posting salacious photographs for us to ogle as a taken lady?

No worries, folks. Here she is at a “secret” shoot, as posted to her Instagram. Paulina, you know what “secret” means, right? Love ya girl!:

Hope you’re not sick of “Blurred Lines” yet.

Is it just us, or is something missing here? We’ll let you fill in the blank with words like “her clothes” and “boob meat.”

Compare to past photos, just to make sure: