Paulina Gretzky Flipped Off A Barack Obama Puppet Last Night On Instagram, And The Internet Got Angry

  • Dan Fogarty

It’s thrilling to keep your Facebook and Twitter pages open during one of the most important nights of the year, like the Super Bowl or an Iron Chef marathon or whatever the hell it is that happened last night.

You feel like you’re attending one big giant viewing party with friends and writers, listening to a hyper-smart dinner party conversation. Except you’re not even at a dinner party: you’re sitting by yourself in your apartment, which is 1,000 times better. And when you’re able to contribute to the conversation, you feel included and special. It’s all like: “Look, world! Look what I have to offer! I am unique and sophisticated and fun-ny, and am the only person that could have made this joke.” You are RT’d and liked and validated.

But because there are opinions being zapped to and fro at warp speed, and the urge to overshare is so great, you sometimes get excited and reeeeach for that validation a little bit too much. Maybe you say something you shouldn’t, and have to have a publicist delete it. And when the atmosphere (don’t use the word “Twittersphere,” because you’re better than that word) is a politically-charged one, these little mistakes get magnified and screengrabbed and written about the next day.

When Paulina Gretzky, social media pinup/our own personal pageview cash cow/noted daughter of Wayne, decided to dip one of her middle fingers in politics last night, it caused a stir. And not just any kind of stir. An internet stir, which is the scariest kind! And although what Paulina did (add the photo above to her Instagram, along with the caption “Ya I went there”) wasn’t much different than most of the stuff you were seeing on your Facebook timelines, people really hate Paulina Gretzky because she’s a hot Instagram sorceress. So she got stuff like:

Also: lol at the Calgary Sun asking a question it damn well knows the answer to.

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