Pee Wee Football Coach Fired For Bullying 8-Year-Old Player On Facebook

  • Rick Chandler

Breaking News: Cyber-bullying isn’t just for kids and teens anymore! Now your local youth football coach is doing it, and with quick a decisive results, we might add. It happened in Indianapolis, where parents confronted the coach of a Christian Park Youth Football League team to complain about the way their eight-year-old son was being treated.

The coach’s response, apparently, included derogatory comments about the kid on the league’s Facebook page. So yeah, that coach was fired, banned from the practice field, and the comments were removed.

“I’m not gonna let some 40-something year old man sit there and bully an eight-year-old child,” mom Sarah said. “It’s childish, it’s immature and it makes me sick.”

In times past such a confrontation between parents and coach would have ended in fisticuffs, or being banned from Friday’s neighborhood spaghetti night. But in the social media age, Johnny is labeled a wimp by his coach on Facebook, for all the community — and interested parties in France and Australia — to view.

One good thing to come of this: At least we seem to have found a team for next year’s season of Funny Or Die’s Hard Knocks.

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