Step Aside Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Philippe Mexes May Have Scored The New Goal Of The Year

  • Dylan Murphy

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s recent bicycle goal against England earned worldwide praise and the admiration of millions. It was hard to imagine a goal that could possibly top it, one of such immeasurable skill and flash. Then Milan played Anderlecht in the Champions League and things changed with another bicycle swing of the boot.

Off of a free kick, Milan defender Philippe Mexes corralled the ball with his chest right outside the 18 and casually just, you know, went for the bicycle kick. Oh, was it beautiful.

We can argue all day about which goal was better – Mexes had greater accuracy in a tighter window, but Ibrahimovic had to launch the ball double the yards – but we’ll just watch them both endlessly and wonder where our lives went awry.

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[Dirty Tackle]