PHOTO: Are These The New USA Basketball Uniforms For The FIBA World Cup?

  • Igor Mello

What you see above is a possible leaked image of the new set of Nike uniforms Team USA will wear during the FIBA World Cup in Spain. Comparing to the jerseys used in the 2012 Olympic Games, the most noticeable change is the colors fading near the neck/shoulder line. In the home jersey, the navy and grey fade near the top fade back down to white the rest of the way. Same with the away jersey, as the red near the top faded back down to navy down the rest of the possible uniform.

Although it’s hard to tell from just a blurry photo, it appears as if these uniforms are sleeved. If so, that’s a nightmare for us all. As we have seen from the NBA and the NCAA, it seemed as if Adidas was the only company that supplied sleeved uniforms at the time. If Nike joins the party, uniform snobs that are against sleeved uniforms like me are doomed.

Nike, you did such a great job designing kits for the FIFA World Cup. Y U DO DIS?

Another noticeable change from this year’s possible uniforms are the way the USA typeface appears on the front. In the old uniform, the USA was more pronouncedly pointing up, whereas in the new uniform, it could easily be mistaken for a “V.” The font number also appeared to have received an update.

We’ll likely find out whether this leaked image is the real deal in the next few days. The national team will start training camp in Las Vegas on July 28. Let’s just hope our stars boycott the use of sleeved jerseys.