Plans Are In The Works For A National Mascot Hall Of Fame

  • Rick Chandler

Make your travel plans now for beautiful Whiting, Indiana (near Chicago) — future home of the National Mascot Hall of Fame. Sorry, Cooperstown, you’ll have to wait.

Whiting mayor Joseph Stahura says that the chance of a deal getting done is “somewhere in the 50 percent range right now.” Of course you mascot buffs out there know that there has been a National Mascot Hall of Fame since 2005, but it exists only online. It’s founder, David Raymond — the original Phillie Phanatic — has wanted a brick and mortar site for some time. This just could be it.

But then, this quote by Stahura happened:

“What better complement to the Pierogi Fest would be a Mascot Hall of Fame in downtown Whiting.”

And of course no National Mascot Hall of Fame would be complete without:

A large portion of Stahura’s ideal museum would house a history of the Standard Oil Co.

Mascots, pierogis and the history of oil?, here I come.

Stahura also says he wants to build a separate wing for a Chicago Baseball Museum.

A decision is expected by the spring.

The Phillie Phanatic, the Famous Chicken and the Suns Gorilla were the inaugural inductees in 2005, and there have been about 10 others since then — although none since 2008. Here are my top six mascots who should be immediately inducted to join them: