Podcast: Which Athlete Would You Most Want To Get High With?

  • Dylan Murphy

In episode #9, we discuss our smoking weed with athletes fantasies, what it would be like to mic up Ty Cobb and the debacle that was ‘N Sync not being invited to Justin Timberlake’s wedding.

Other important notes: what do a poker story and your fantasy football team have in common? NOBODY GIVES A SHIT.

Don’t forget to email questions to mailbag@sportsgrid.com, and we’ll answer them on the podcast. Dip into your humor satchel, if you wouldn’t mind.

Here’s podcast #9:

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Who’s on it:

L to R: Dan Fogarty, SportsGrid’s editor-in-chief and ashamed former MySpace user; Glenn Davis, SportsGrid senior editor, and a man who has never seen a Christopher Nolan Batman movie; Dylan Murphy, SportsGrid associate editor and speed-walking enthusiast.

And…a guest! SportsGrid night editor Jordan Rabinowitz:

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