Pornhub To Its Users: Stop Uploading Highlights Of 'Brazil Getting F@#ked By German Soccer Team'

  • Jake O'Donnell

As far as titles of porn videos are concerned, “Young Brazilians Getting Fucked By Germans” passes the sniff test. Wait, let me rephrase that. Brazilians and Germans seem to be neck and neck with Americans as far as porn video production is concerned (someone told us that, once), so it’s not weird to see the two nations on the free porn nexus of the universe, Pornhub, sharing the screen.

Twas more complicated than that. Can imagine the disappointment of a sad Brazilian soccer fan who returned home from Estádio Mineirão yesterday, looking to put the game behind them and indulge in some adult entertainment, only to find this?

Apparently people won’t stop uploading the highlights from the historic 7-1 semi-final massacre in an ironic twist of schadenfreud involving the German National Team. Heed Pornhub Katie’s advice and please, stop rubbing it in for people trying to rub one out, ok?

UPDATE: Suspect apprehended in Pornhub World Cup shaming video uploads…