Portland Timbers Fans Remind Us Why They’re The Best: Check Out Their Gay And Lesbian Support Tifo

  • Rick Chandler

The Timbers Army has this tifo thing down pretty good (tifo is a choreographed display by fans — it’s derived from an Italian word). On Sunday during their match against Chivas, they broke out this anti-homophobia display which included the banner ‘Pride, Not Prejudice’.

And you can bash North American soccer all you want, but you don’t see the kind of racial vitriol and outright lunacy among our fans as you see in Europe and Asia. On Sunday AC Milan’s Mario Balotelli again endured racist chants in a match in Italy, this time from Roma fans.

And on Monday the Paris St. Germain victory celebration in Paris had to be cut short when some rather spectacular fan violence erupted. OK, we’ve been known to set fire to a couch or two during victory celebrations in the U.S. — but hooliganism isn’t yet really in our vocabulary like it is overseas.

In the MLS, fans mostly use their powers for good instead of evil. Again using the Timbers Army as an example, you may recall last week when they showed up in force as the team put on an entire exhibition game for a little boy fighting cancer. How awesome is that? And on Sunday, the TA won again.

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