Post-World Cup, Things I Enjoy Watching More Than Soccer

  • David Young

German World Cup Celebration

I have to admit it, FIFA, for about a month I enjoyed following soccer (note the righteous indignation associated with my refusal to call it “football”). But now that cooler heads have prevailed, I’m back to doing what all good Americans should be doing in August: watching baseball, pining for football, and trolling the internet for good sports videos. In that latter category, let me throw a few at you.

The Greatest Single Point in Sports (Commonwealth Games Table Tennis):

41-shot volley

Real Baseball Players Doing Stupid Things (Phil Hughes):

Awesome People Doing Unreal Things:

Football Players Shooting Skeet (Drew Brees):

Football Players Shooting Hoops (Dez Bryant):

I know it’s not nice, but this is better than watching soccer players flop:

And of course, the sport with the brooms is even more enjoyable with the right soundtrack:

See you in four years, soccer.

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