Power Golf: South African Louis Oosthuizen Hits Massive 500 Yard Drive*

  • Jake O'Donnell

The 5’10” 170lb Louis Oosthuizen (pronounced West-high-zen) probably wasn’t expecting to be a half wedge away from the green after his tee shot on the 583 yard par 5. That’s just one of those holes where you think about using the same club for your first two shots. Well, not if you place the ball onto a downhill track that acts as a shortcut to the green, a lá the waterfall on Koopa Troopa Beach.

But, as the great philospher/3-point big Rasheed Wallace has said time and again, “ball don’t lie.” It is an orb of truth that equalizes all injustices in the realm of Sportopia. So, duh, Oosthuizen finished with a par. Watch as Louis turns the Pinx Golf Club on the island of Jeju into a Rube Goldberg device.

H/T Devil Ball Golf